Whether it was intentional or not, the ‘McBarge’ is one of the most enduring parts of Expo ’86 in Vancouver. So, when we learned about a brand new documentary about the McBarge, we knew that we had to share it with you. The doc only came out last Friday, but has already seen hundreds of thousands of views.

The documentary comes from Bright Sun Films, and provides an up-close-and-personal look at the now 35-year-old floating restaurant. What’s more, the video actually gets to go inside the unique vessel, providing a look that we know we’ve been wanting to see for years.

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What’s more, it also includes an interview with the current owner of the Friendship 500, which is the actual name of the vessel. He’s been caring for the McBarge for the past 30 years, looking for an opportunity to come along, but never finding the right fit. For the past few years, it’s just been sitting on the Fraser River, near Maple Ridge.

You know about, and heck, maybe you’ve even been lucky enough to see it in person. Now, this new documentary on the McBarge lets you take a never-before-seen look inside. We can’t recommend it enough.