We all make New Year’s resolutions and maybe one of yours (not ours) was to eat healthier. If you don’t know where to start, why not order some healthy eats from a local restaurant? That way you can get a feel for what ingredients you do and don’t like while supporting local business. Win-win, folks! So with that in mind, here are 10 of the best healthy takeout/delivery options in Seattle.

HeartBeet Organic Superfoods Cafe

The name says it all. HeartBeet has a wide selection of grain bowls, salads, smoothies, and more. And best of all, it’s all plant-based. So you can get all those healthy greens and proteins without the guilt. Not to mention, the menu is reasonably priced and they even have some healthy treats on there.

Where: Multiple locations
Options: Takeout and delivery

The Whale Wins

If you’re looking to elevate your at-home dining you can definitely do that with Renee Erickson’s The Whale Wins. This delicious restaurant has a menu full of seafood like oysters, salmon, and more. Plus you can also pick up some housemade goods along with their takeout and delivery menu.

Where: 3506 Stone Way North
Options: Takeout and delivery

Fremont Bowl

fremont bowl healthy takeout seattle

If you’re a fish lover, you have to try Fremont Bowl. This gem offers rice bowls topped with fresh and tasty varieties of fish. So you can opt for a single fish or you can get a little more adventurous with a poke bowl. It’s up to you!

Where: 4258 Fremont Ave N Ste #4262
Options: Takeout and delivery

Eve Fremont

Eve feels like a hidden gem in Seattle. It has an amazing menu that is full of local and organic ingredients and they happen to have some of the best bowls in town. So if you want a menu that is full of clean ingredients and delicious items you can’t go wrong here. But just be aware that they are closed until January 6th.

Where: 704 North 34th Street
Options: Takeout

b~side foods

Sometimes making breakfast is a pain but it’s still an extremely important meal to eat. And that’s why we love B-Side, they make some of the yummiest and healthiest breakfast in Seattle. You have options like bowls, toasts, sandwiches, and more!

Where: 421 E Thomas St
Options: Takeout or text (206) 390-7670 to place orders ahead of time

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Cafe Flora

Cafe Flora is pretty much the go-to spot for plant-based dining in Seatle. We’re huge fans of their constantly rotating menu and beautiful interior. And while we miss dining in, we’re pumped that we can enjoy their delicious food at home. Not to mention, they have a great brunch menu on the weekends.

Where: 2901 E Madison St
Options: Takeout and delivery


This spot focuses on healthy and organic plant-based dishes full of greens and veggies. So if you’re trying to up your veggie intake this year while skipping out on the meat you definitely need to try Broadfork. After all, sometimes a green salad and smoothie just really hit the spot.

Where: Multiple locations
Options: Takeout and delivery

The London Plane

Now this one is interesting because The London Plane has pretty much shifted to a grocery type model. This means you can still get many of their housemade goods and select menu items. So if you’re looking for delicious green salads or unique housemade ingredients to add to your cooking you need to check out what they have to offer. Keep in mind they are closed until the 12th of January.

Where: 300 Occidental Ave. S
Options: Takeout and delivery

Bounty Kitchen

healthy takeout delivery seattle

Bounty Kitchen has a menu that is chock full of healthy greens, vegetables, and more. But don’t let that fool you because the food here is really good and good for you. You can expect food influenced by the PNW with a focus on local and organic ingredients.

Where: Multiple locations
Options: Takeout from Denny Triangle location or delivery


We’re always in the mood for a grain bowl. And Homegrown makes some of our favorites that are both tasty and packed full of delicious fats and proteins. Not to mention, they also make a pretty mean sandwich. So you have options here and they’re all guaranteed to be good.

Where: Multiple locations
Options: Takeout or delivery

That’s what we have when it comes to the best healthy takeout/delivery options in Seattle. And as a reminder, we always recommend picking up food directly from restaurants because this helps keep restaurants open. After all, restaurants already have a very low-profit margin and delivery services can drive restaurants out of business. And you could probably use a walk or quick drive.JTNDZGl2JTIwaWQlM0QlMjJtb2JpbGUtYWQtb25seSUyMiUzRSUwQSUzQyUyMS0tJTIwU2VhdHRsZSUyMC0lMjBNb2JpbGUlMjAtLSUzRSUwQSUzQ2lucyUyMGNsYXNzJTNEJTIyYWRzYnlnb29nbGUlMjIlMEElMjAlMjAlMjAlMjAlMjBzdHlsZSUzRCUyMmRpc3BsYXklM0FibG9jayUzQndpZHRoJTNBMzIwcHglM0JoZWlnaHQlM0E1MHB4JTNCJTIyJTBBJTIwJTIwJTIwJTIwJTIwZGF0YS1hZC1jbGllbnQlM0QlMjJjYS1wdWItNTUyMTg1Njk1NTQ5NzQ1NiUyMiUwQSUyMCUyMCUyMCUyMCUyMGRhdGEtYWQtc2xvdCUzRCUyMjE2MjcxNzI5NDclMjIlM0UlM0MlMkZpbnMlM0UlMEElM0MlMkZkaXYlM0U=