At this point, you all can probably gather just how much we love Capitol Hill. It has to be one of Seattle’s best neighborhoods between parks, shopping, and of course food. Even if you think you know every last nook and cranny of the hill, we’ll bet that there are a few places you have yet to visit or haven’t visited in a while. Here are some of our favorite hidden gems that you may have missed in Capitol Hill.

Big Little News


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This retailer is a newcomer to the neighborhood but we love that they’re bringing newsstand and print retail back. Big Little News is your one-stop-shop for all of the coolest magazines currently in print. We also love that you can snag other items like bottles, stationery, and chocolate. Be sure to check them out if you haven’t already.

Where: 1102 E Pike St
Hours: Daily 11 am-7 pm



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This spot is a Capitol Hill institution that has been around since the ’80s. They make all of their delicious breakfasts from scratch plus they have one of the best benedicts in town. We also love that they have a community meal program where you can buy a hot meal for a person in need.

Where: 1621 East Olive Way
Hours: Daily 8 am-2 pm

Goodwill Capitol Hill


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We’re still mourning the loss of Capitol Hill’s OG Value Village but we have to say the Goodwill on Belmont definitely doesn’t disappoint. You can find clothes, higher-end items, housewares, books and a lot more. So if you consider yourself a big thrifter and haven’t visited this spot, it’s definitely worth your time.

Where: 115 Belmont Ave E
Hours: Daily 10 am-9 pm

Louisa Boren Lookout


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We bet that you know Volunteer Park but do you know Louisa Boren just down the street? This lookout provides one of the best water views of Seattle overlooking the U District and Lake Washington. If you’re on the hill and looking for a place to chill for sunset, you can’t go wrong with this park.

Where: 1526-1598 E Olin Pl

Espresso Vivace


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You can never go wrong with coffee and Espresso Vivace has been at it a very long time. Plus their Broadway location is one of the few remaining truly walk-up coffee bars in the city. If you’re in need of a coffee and a new experience then a trip to Vivace is in order.

Where: 532 Broadway E
Hours: Daily 6 am-7 pm

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Wall of Sound

This niche record shop has been around since 1990 and focuses on new and used LPs and CDs. But it isn’t your regular old record store. No, Wall of Sounds focuses on some very unique genres like avant-garde, Japanese noise, industrial and more. If you’re looking to get lost in some amazing music, this is the place to do just that.

Where: 1205 E Pike Street
Hours: Monday-Saturday 11 am-7 pm, Sunday 12 pm-6 pm

Seattle University Gardens


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If you find yourself near Seattle University it’s well worth your time to take a stroll through campus. Because if you keep your eyes peeled you’ll find that there are tons of amazing gardens scattered throughout the campus. Plus the University offers a self-guided walking tour map that you can find by clicking above.

Where: 901 12th Ave/Throughout the campus

Twice Sold Tales


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If you’re in need of a new book there are tons of amazing bookstores to check out on the hill. But one of our all-time favorites has to be Twice Sold Tales. The used bookstore has thousands of books as well as a few free-roaming cats. You never know what you’ll find, maybe the exact book you wanted or 5 more that you’ll add to that evergrowing pile.

Where: 1833 Harvard Ave

Blaine Street Steps


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If you’re an avid fitness lover you might know this spot. The Blaine Street Steps are one of two stair sets tucked away off of 10th Ave E and what makes Blaine special is the Streissguth Gardens. They’re beautiful in the spring and summer and full of blooms for you to enjoy as you make your way up and down the stairs. Definitely worth a visit, and definitely one of the hidden gems of Capitol Hill.

Where: 885-899 E Blaine St

Cafe Presse


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Hidden on 12th Avenue is an amazing authentic French restaurant called Cafe Presse. If you’re really into food in the city chances are that you know about it but we’re including it because one we love it and two it’s not exactly in an area where you’d expect to see a restaurant. So if you want a little slice of France right here in Seattle, treat yourself to a meal at this amazing spot.

Where: 1117 12th Ave
Hours: Thursday-Sunday 10 am-8 pm

Those are just a few of our favorite hidden gems that you may have missed in Capitol Hill. Everyone’s experience of Seattle is subjective and we recognize that these spots might be regulars of yours. But there are also a lot of people who are new to the city so consider giving this a share. Who knows what you might discover. Have fun out there Seattle!