Are you ready to try some new eateries and restaurants this year, but don’t want to break the bank? We’re in the same boat, which is why we’re bringing back our list of some amazing Vancouver spots for cheap eats. Lucky for us (and you), there are tons of places that fit the bill, and all we have to do is pick!

Here are 10 great spots for cheap eats in Vancouver.

Budgie’s Burritos

Budgie’s has been a Vancouver staple for years, and for good reason. The no-frills spot off Main Street offers delicious burritos, tacos and quesadillas, plus all the sides you’ll need. Our advice? Grab a specialty burrito, which usually runs around $11.

Where: 44 Kingsway
Options: Takeout and delivery available

Kozak Eatery

kozak cheap eats vancouver

We were reminded of this spot when we heard they were opening a Gastown location. Luckily, you don’t have to wait until then to try an amazing assortment of hearty Eastern European eats. Plus, the vast majority of meals are under $15. Feeling just a little peckish? Grab a couple of perogies and a small cup of borscht.

Where: 5077 Victoria Drive
Options: Dine-in and takeout available

Cambie Vietnamese Restaurant

This Vietnamese spot in Mount Pleasant is one best cheap eats restaurants in Vancouver. Seriously, you can get a full bowl of pho for less than $11, and appetizer soups are under $6. If you’re looking to stretch your wallet and your stomach, this is a top pick.

Where: 4136 Main Street
Options: Dine-in, takeout and delivery available

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japadog cheap eats vancouver

We’ll say it- Japadog could easily raise their prices and we’d be fine with it. The fact that for under $10 you can still get a hot dog and some fries, with classic Japadog flair, is a fantastic thing. Now, all you have to do is figure out what you’re craving.

Where: Multiple locations
Options: Takeout and delivery available

Nat’s New York Pizzeria

Nat’s was one of our go-to spots in our university years. The pizzas are humongous for the prices, but that’s not the main draw. Why? Because their huge slices are priced at under $4, while the hero sandwiches are all $13 or less. Grab the cold chicken deluxe- it’s our personal favourite.

Where: 2684 W Broadway and 1080 Denman Street
Options: Takeout and delivery available

Chung Chun

chung chun rice dog

We couldn’t bring up Japadog without mentioning Korean corn dogs. Forget Korean Fried Chicken for a second, because we have a feeling this is the next wave to hit the city. Don’t believe us? You can try one for yourself for as little as $5.

Where: 1795 Robson Street
Options: Takeout and delivery available

New Town Bakery

We honestly don’t know what we would do if New Town closed. The longtime staple of Chinatown gave us a whole new appreciation for Chinese cuisines. And, a fair portion of that can be attributed to New Town’s prices being so low. Grab a few buns, then go from there!

Where: 148 East Pender Street
Options: Takeout only

House of Dosas

house of dosas

The dosa is a truly underrated dish. The South Indian savoury crepe proves to be an amazing way complement to a variety of fillings, from vegetarian to seafood to classics like chicken and lamb vindaloo. Plus, they’re big enough to count as two meals.

Where: 1391 Kingsway
Options: Takeout and delivery available

Ginger Sushi

Like Cambie Vietnamese, this is more like a placeholder for sushi in general. But, we highly recommend giving this spot a try, since they’ve struck a great balance between quality and price point. In Vancouver, that’s like walking on a knife’s edge.

Where: 1437 Commercial Drive
Options: Takeout and delivery available

Vancouver Soup Company

We admit that our last pick blurs the line between restaurant and market, but we’re tossing it in here nonetheless. Besides, at these prices ($9ish for 2-3 servings) it’d be a crime not to. We think soup has an insane ratio of price to buy from somewhere versus time to make it, so support local next time you’re craving some (and can handle reheating it)

Where: 292 East 1st Avenue
Options: Takeout only

And that’s our roundup this time around! Did we happen to miss one of your favourites? Let us know, folks! We’re always on the hunt for some tasty treats.