In a city revered for its delicious sushi, having a list of the “best” sounds almost silly – and let’s face it, everyone has a special sushi spot that’s near and dear to their heart. So, we won’t claim that any one place is the “best,” but here are some must-visit options that you should definitely check out the next time you’re hit with a craving.

Without further ado, here are 11 amazing sushi spots you’ll find in and around Vancouver.

Toshi Sushi


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A Mount Pleasant mainstay that seems to be constantly busy. That’s okay by us though- the food makes it more than worth it. Classic sushi at very reasonable prices, which probably explains why there’s always a line. We’re cool with it, since we just end up ordering more once we’re in there.

Where: 181 16th East Avenue


The home of the California roll, Tojo’s is the place to go when you really want to impress friends from out of town. Chef Tojo continues to experiment with new flavours, plus the recently introduced cocktail hour menu makes this spot more approachable than ever.

Hours: Monday to Saturday from 5 pm, Cocktail Hour from Thursday to Saturday, 4 pm to 6 pm
Where: 1133 West Broadway



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Miku for sure has the best views on this list, and we can’t argue that their aburi-style sushi is delicious. Sure it’s pretty upscale, but that makes it that much more fun to visit when you have a special occasion or accomplishment to commemorate.

Where: 200 Granville Street

Shiro Japanese 

This sushi spot on Cambie Street is the perfect place to grab your fave sushi to-go on an extra busy weeknight when the last thing you want to do is go home and cook a full meal.

Where: 3096 Cambie Street

Green Leaf

Another spot that features mouthwatering aburi-style sushi, but with a slightly lower price point. Green Leaf has long been a favourite of ours, whether we’re there for a quick dinner or grabbing a platter as takeout. Check it out the next time you’re in Kits and we think you’ll agree with us.

Where: 3416 West Broadway

The General Public

If you’re a fan of The Eatery in Kits for its eclectic decor, massive mojito mason jars, and top-notch sushi – then you’ll love The General Public. No literally – the Main Street spot is brought to you by the same team behind The Eatery, and the vibes are just as fun and zany. Maybe not a first-date destination on account of the loud music that’s impossible to talk over, but definitely a fun spot nonetheless.

Where: 3289 Main Street

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Sushi Bar Maumi


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The first of our omakase-only choices, Maumi is for true sushi aficionados. The large majority of ingredients are imported from Japan daily, to the delight of the two rounds of 8 diners lucky enough to be there that night. That said, a price point of only $75 for 11 nigiri dishes is actually an incredible deal.

Where: 1226 Bute Street

ASA Sushi


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ASA Sushi is a Kerrisdale staple (and not too far from Pho Tan…) complete with a raw bar, high booth tables, and a menu of fresh made-to-order sushi that combines tradition with creativity. Expect classic nigiri, sashimi, and special house rolls that were our personal fave during our university days.

Where: 2178 West 41st Avenue


Our second pick for omakase-only spots. These guys offer a slightly more substantial meal at a slightly higher price point, plus they claim to use real wasabi in their dishes. Now, that is a treat that is incredibly rare. Not just in Vancouver, but around the world.

Where: 4376 Fraser Street


This spot Commercial Street spot is a sort of blend of a la carte sushi experiences and omakase levels of dining. Imported Japanese fish is elegantly prepared in a variety of ways. Don’t pass up on their signature smoked salmon oshizushi.

Where: 2054 Commercial Drive

Sushi Mania


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A sleeper hit, Sushi Mania on Main Street is a great choice in a city that has intense competition for sushi places. All sushi combos are under $10, and udon bowls are 6 bucks. Definitely our top pick for a budget sushi spot to check out in Vancouver.

Where: 3851 Main Street

And that’s our roundup of must-visit spots, Vancouver. Cheers!