Is there a more Seattle thing than the annual sale of the infamous Woodland Park Zoo – Zoo Doo? Probably yes, but, this sale is certainly one of the most unique and is highly coveted by local gardeners as a premier source of garden nutrients. Here’s how you too can get your hands on the good stuff.

The first Zoo Doo bulk sale of the year takes place on March 18th and 19th. There are also upcoming sales in April, May, June, and July.

As the name Zoo Doo, suggests, the “Doo” is “composed of species feces pooped by a variety of the zoo’s non-primate herbivores including tapirs, pudus, mountain goats, rhinos, hippos, giraffes, zebras and more.”

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Like years past, you need to make your purchase online ahead of time and schedule a time to pickup between 9 AM-2 PM.

Here’s a breakdown of prices this year, luckily inflation hasn’t gotten to the doo.

  • 25 gallons – $15
  • 50 gallons – $30
  • 70 gallons – $40
  • 100 gallons – $50
  • Small truck (300 gallons) – $80
  • Medium truck (400 gallons) – $100
  • Large truck (550 gallons) – $120

You can learn more and book your slot by visiting the zoo’s website.