Over the years, WWE legend, notorious good guy and action icon Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has shown Calgary some major love on his Instagram and even during interviews – but no previous mention has been quite like the one fans can expect tonight on CityTV.

For those who aren’t aware, the star actually has some pretty strong ties to YYC, as he had spent a good portion of his 20s living in the city and playing alongside the local football team.

“In ‘95 I was ready to be great at something and tackle the world – but then I got cut from my team, the Calgary Stampeders of the CFL.”‘ he wrote on Instagram in a post about the upcoming episode of his coming of age series, Young Rock.

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“What a f*cking wild time in my life, but as the old saying goes, there’s no progress without struggle.”

In a preview for “Seven Bucks,” a younger version of Johnson, played by actor Uli Latukefu (Marco Polo), can be seen decked out in Stamps swag, worrying about his place on the team.

“My goal was to go up to Calgary and ball out, but I didn’t make it on the roster – I was on their practice squad,” The Rock says in a voiceover.

“I knew if I didn’t figure things out, I was going to get finger pinched,” he said, explaining that Canadians have an unusual way of telling players it’s over.

Of course, after being cut, the Rock went on to have an incredibly successful acting career – but it wasn’t without obstacles.

To see how he overcame the worst of times – including the one he faced in Calgary, you can catch Young Rock every Tuesday at 7 pm. Don’t miss it!