Well, folks, after an incredibly successful run in Edmonton, it looks like Calgary will also introduce the Patronscan System, an antitheft on-door device that requires shoppers to scan their IDs before entering a liquor store.

In the hopes of combatting robberies and shoplifting, this city has given 4 stores authorization to install the device as part of a pilot project much like our neighbours to the north in Edmonton.

At first, this may feel invasive or strange, but it’s really no different than having your ID scanned before entering a club or a bar.

All you need is one piece of valid identification, whether that be a driver’s licence, identification or status card., a military card, or a passport. Once at the door, the device will require that you scan your chosen means of recognition and if valid, the door will unlock allowing you to shop to your heart’s desire.

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According to CTV News, since adopting the Patronscan, Edmonton liquor stops have seen a significant decrease in thefts or robberies, which if true, is incredible.

The following stores will see that the system is introduced as early as Thursday: 

ACE Liquor

Where: Trans-Canada Mall – 1440 52nd St.NE

ACE Liquor 

Where: 2148 18th Ave. NE

These locations will reopen with Patronscan Md-May:

Liquor Depot

Where: 1632 14th Ave. N.W.

Liquor Depot

Where: 5032 16th Ave. N.W.

So what do you think, Calgary? Will this change where you shop for your liquor or are you excited to feel all VIP-like when you go buy your Whiteclaw? Let us know!