We know that another year without Bumbershoot is a big bummer. But we have some good news because it turns out Freakout Festival is back in Ballard. And that means you’ll actually be able to attend a music festival with live music this fall. Seems crazy right?

Freakout Festival has been around since 2013 and is produced by independent record label Freakout Records. The festival features all sorts of bands from the Pacific Northwest and beyond. Plus it’s a great opportunity to support many of Ballards small venues which have been closed for well over a year now. Some of the venues participating include The Tractor, Sunset Tavern, and more.

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So while you’ll have to wait a while for a lineup, you can get a head start by purchasing festival passes. You can opt for a two or four-day pass with VIP or GA options. And honestly, with how long it’s been since we’ve all been able to attend a music festival, the four-day pass is probably in order. After all, we’re not exactly sure if we remember what it’s like to attend a music festival.

If you’d like to learn more about Freakout Festival or snag tickets, you can click below. Now keep in mind, things can change but considering most people should be vaccinated by November, we have a feeling this is a pretty safe bet. So get out there and treat yourself to some live music this fall.

Freakout Festival

When: November 11th-14th
Where: Participating venues in Ballard
Cost: $65-$175