Want an unforgettable mid-week adventure in the city? We recommend heading over to West Seattle to check out what sea life the beaches have to offer. Because this week you’ll be able to catch some extra low tides in West Seattle, here’s when.

Now reading tide charts without any background isn’t exactly the most intuitive. But basically, anything under zero is an abnormally low tide. And this week we’re getting five days with exceptionally low tides. On Tuesday you can expect -1.6 feet at 11:52 am, Wednesday -2.5 feet at 12:34 pm, Thursday -3.0 feet at 1:19 pm, Friday -2.9 feet at 2:07 pm, and Saturday -2.3 feet at 2:59 pm. So if you have time on Thursday, you’ll definitely want to get out there.

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low tides west seattle

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While exploring the beaches is very fun, it’s important to remember to keep an eye out for sea creatures. Both so that you can see them in flesh and also so that you do not hurt them. With that in mind, super low tides are not the time to bring your pups out. Because let’s face it, dogs like to dig and they often do more harm than good for sea creatures on extra-low tides.

If you don’t what to look for when it comes to beachcombing, you can check out this handy guide from the aquarium. And we hope that you all get a chance to check out the low tides in West Seattle this week. If you’d like more local tide table data you can click here.