Getting started on any career path is a little daunting. If you’ve bitten the bullet and made the jump to a position in real estate – congratulations! It’s no secret that real estate is a booming and lucrative career path. But that doesn’t mean there isn’t a learning curve…   

So, if you’re at a bit of a crossroads, now what?

YouLive Realty is an innovative Vancouver real estate brokerage that’s changing the real estate game with zero desk fees, a robust online platform, and exclusive access to property presales. All of these combine to provide a cost-effective option for aspiring real estate agents to bolster their success and enhance their competitiveness in the market. 

Not only is it a revolutionary platform for realtors in the industry, but it’s a game-changer for homebuyers too. is an online platform that has everything buyers need to support and facilitate their search. transforms the online property search into an intuitive and collaborative experience, making life better for both users and agents.

Intrigued? Then why not learn more straight from the source? 

We sat down with Ryan Zhang, Managing Broker of YouLive Real Estate Brokerage, to hear about his journey and discover what sets YouLive Realty apart in the Vancouver market. 

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Q: Tell us a bit about yourself. How did you get started in real estate?

A: I kick-started my journey back in 2011, diving headfirst into the industry and spending six years with one of the largest brokerages in town. But I’m not your average broker. Armed with a background in software engineering, I saw the untapped potential of merging real estate with cutting-edge technology.

Fast forward to 2018, hit the scene, fusing my years of hands-on real estate expertise with the success of pioneering pilot projects. Now, I’m here to redefine the game, making real estate not just a transaction but an immersive, tech-infused experience.

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Q: How does YouLive help realtors in the industry?

A: What sets YouLive Realty apart are three distinctive features that reflect our commitment to innovation, agent support, and staying ahead of the market trends:

1.Cutting-Edge Technology Integration

At YouLive Realty, we pride ourselves on being at the forefront of real estate technology. Our in-house tech team continually brings the most advanced tools to our home searching platform, This investment in technology not only enhances the user experience for clients but also empowers our realtors with quality leads, giving them a competitive edge in the dynamic real estate landscape.

2. Zero Desk Fees

At YouLive Realty, we celebrate the dynamic journey of success in real estate. That’s why we’ve revolutionized the experience for our agents by completely eliminating desk fees. Our innovative model ensures that you only invest in your growth when you succeed – paying just a small deal fee upon closing. This commitment to a performance-based fee structure liberates our agents, allowing them to channel their expertise into what they do best: guiding clients through seamless property transactions.

3. Exclusive Pre-sale Access

Recognizing the importance of staying ahead in a constantly evolving market, we offer all our agents, whether seasoned resale professionals or newcomers, exclusive access to a crucial aspect of the real estate landscape: Pre-sales. Our proactive approach means that agents have early access to opportunities in the pre-sale market. This strategic advantage empowers our team to navigate the market with foresight, providing unparalleled opportunities for success. In Vancouver, the project would span for a couple of years, we also have a strong clientele base to help the presale purchasers find a buyer and get their contract sold before the completion.


Q: Based on your experience, what are the challenges that new real estate agents face?

A: I’ve identified two primary challenges that often confront startup agents: the need for guidance and building a clientele. BC’s real estate market stands as one of Canada’s foremost, characterized by a transactional complexity arising from legislation, regulatory rules, cultural diversity, specialized niches, and intricate paperwork. 

A crucial challenge for new agents lies in the quest to find clients and assist them in their home-buying journey. It’s a common misperception among startups that acquiring a license automatically translates into a steady flow of business from their existing sphere. 

Agents can specialize in presale/assignment deals, foreclosures, estate sales, and farmlands with knowledge of ARI zonings and the ability to advise on suitable plants and animals, industrial real estate, leasing, and more. This rich variety of opportunities contrasts with smaller towns, where success may be more limited to obtaining listings. In Vancouver, however, agents can thrive in every niche market.

Success in BC’s real estate market requires not only mastering traditional aspects but also embracing the diverse opportunities presented by niche markets. At YouLive Realty, we empower agents with the necessary knowledge and resources to navigate this dynamic environment successfully.


Q: How have social media and new platforms changed the way realtors work and promote themselves? 

A: The transformation brought about by social media is undeniable; gone are the days of newspaper listings, replaced by the dynamic landscape of digital channels as print media declines. Navigating this intricate social media terrain can be challenging and unpredictable.

As a forward-thinking brokerage, we boast a professional marketing wing. This team navigates the complexities of the social media world, finding the sweet spot for branding and generating leads. This modern approach ensures our team not only adapts but thrives in the competitive and ever-evolving world of real estate marketing.

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Q: How is unique when compared to other real estate platforms?

A: The essence of our approach lies in simplifying the intricate process of buying a house through innovative means, leveraging advanced methods like AI. 

From the user’s standpoint, is a solution that goes beyond conventional platforms. Whether narrowing down specifics like price range, floor plans, or building preferences or delving into historical purchase data and school catchment areas, presents all available market options tailored to the desired filters. 

By utilizing our platform, agents and clients can seamlessly communicate using a shared understanding, enhancing the efficiency of the entire process. Notably, is also a bilingual platform, further facilitating smooth communication.

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Q: Why should new relators consider joining YouLive? What are your tips for success?

A: At YouLive, new realtors have the potential to transition to full-time status right from the start, given the robust database available for them to leverage. However, it’s crucial to note that success in the real estate industry is a self-paced and self-motivated journey. 

Agents need to proactively engage in activities such as prospecting, networking with industry partners, conducting open houses, or privately showing clients various homes.

Schedule your appointment with Ryan today and discover your full potential to unlock success in the world of real estate with YouLive Realty.