Whether you’re COVID hesitant or just like to talk your way through the plot, the old school Cochrane Movie House 30-minutes outside of Calgary is THE place to catch a new flick.

From new releases like Spiderman and Scream, locals looking to settle in for a blockbuster with popcorn and some friends can actually rent out an entire theatre for just $99.

With the screen to yourselves, you’ll be able to clap, ‘LOL’ and though we wouldn’t recommend it, even go on your phone without worrying you’ll bother other viewers in the rows around you.

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Groups can be between 1 and 6 people, though extra guests can be added for an additional $15 per person and bookings will include a new release of your choosing.

If however, you’re not feeling their current selection, you can also bring in your own DVD or Blu-Ray as long as the film does not exceed your 2 hour and 30-minute time slot.

Birthday parties and anniversaries, get-togethers and celebrations, this might not be a bad idea for your next event because while it’s still super chill, it beats the heck out of watching Netflix in bed again!

Interested? Check out their website below – and enjoy your show!


Where: 218 Fifth Ave, Cochrane, AB
Cost: $99