When it comes to cute sea creatures, we’d have to say belugas are near the top of the list. And when it comes to activities we got very comfortable with during the pandemic, we’d say live streaming stuff we’d never typically watch is near the top of that list. Put those two things together, and you’ve got a very interesting watch, live from Canada’s Beluga Boat.

Every year, up to 57,000 Beluga whales make the journey from the Arctic waters down to the Churchill River Estuary in northern Manitoba. While trips into the river itself are rare, the whales hang out in these warmer waters to feed and raise their calves. Fun fact- Belugas are highly social creatures, often hanging out in groups of up to 25 members.

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And, for the past few years, a vessel called the ‘Beluga Boat’ has been live-streaming their journey! Following various pods as they make their journey, this boat features multiple cameras live streaming all day long throughout the summer.

The various streams are available via Explore.org, which is the largest nature streaming service in the world. So, if you’re curious about one of Canada’s most incredible animals, this is a great way to see them in their natural habitat.

Enjoy the viewing, folks!