Humans take a lot of things for granted, like the fact that we don’t have to hunt for our lunch every day. Can you imagine if we did? With all of our addictions to convenience, things probably wouldn’t look so hot for us. Animals, on the other hand, are still out there hunting lunch on the daily, and one Canadian recently caught a wild video of how it all goes down.

It’s pretty rare to see two different species of animals working together to hunt. But a wolverine and a raven made an unlikely team on a stretch of Alaska Highway near Beaver Creek, Yukon to catch a tasty hare. Jason Benjamin and his coworkers were driving on the road when they spotted the rare chase.

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In the video, you can see the wolverine lumbering along trying to get its lunch while the raven swoops in to slow the tired hare down. It’s exactly what you’d expect to see on Animal Planet and is a true ‘circle of life’ moment. The video does end with the hare being alive, but you can tell he’s pretty gassed.

If you were holding out hope for the little guy, Benjamin told CBC that after he stopped recording he saw the raven swoop down and get the hare.

Nature really is metal, folks.