Hello, golfers and movie fans alike! Since Happy Gilmore is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year, we thought it might be fun to let you know you can still play all of the courses where the movie was filmed around Vancouver. And while we can’t recommend a running start at your drive, we are expecting it to happen at least once.

As one of the most iconic movies to be shot in and around Vancouver, Happy Gilmore is also one of the most accessible to relive. That’s because all 4 of the golf courses used are not only still in business, they’re open to the public as well!

We’re starting with one of the first courses to be featured in the movie, which is also the most convenient to visit. When Happy steps onto the tee-box for the Michelob Invitational, he’s actually just at the Stanley Park Pitch and Putt. And while the commentators put a ‘large and economically diverse crowd’ in a negative light in the movie, that’s exactly what we want to see here. All the courses, really- we want golf changing for the better.

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Next up is the course used for parts of the Waterbury Open, which is the Riverway Golf Course in Burnaby. This 18-hole course is actually owned by the City of Burnaby, which means you won’t have to fight tooth and nail or pay an arm and a leg to get a tee time here. It’s the perfect practice spot for the next two courses, actually.

The penultimate pick is the course where the final battle between Happy and Shooter McGavin takes place during the AT&T Invitational. The Swaneset Bay Resort and Country Club, located in Pitt Meadows, is actually home to the only two courses in Canada designed by Lee Trevino. Not only is Lee one of the most celebrated golfers in history, but he actually made a cameo appearance in the movie, too. Although, he wasn’t too pumped about it.

And finally, we get to the big dog, the top of the heap both literally and metaphorically. Furry Creek Golf and Country Club, located along the Sea to Sky Highway, offers by far the most beautiful views and is home to maybe one of the most iconic scenes in sports movie history. That’s right- this is the exact course where Happy Gilmore and Bob Barker got into a fistfight.

So, whether you’re just trying to make some movie magic of your own, or hoping to start a mini-tour, these are some incredible golf courses around Vancouver to check out. And remember folks- it’s all in the hips!