Imagine waking up to the beautiful sounds of nature. The sun is on your face. Birds are chirping. You open your eyes, and… there’s a wolf. A whole pack of wolves. No, this isn’t a survival show gone wrong or a horror flick, it’s actually an experience at Parc Omega!

Let’s back up. Parc Omega is a safari park of sorts in Quebec. Most people come to jump in their car and cruise by elk, muskox, ibex, bears, moose, and bison. The most Canadian safari there ever was!

parc omega wolves

Is feeding an ibex a carrot out the window of your car just… not enough? Well, jump in with the wolves.

The most unique part of the park is the Wolf Cabin. You and three of your closest friends (or just you, if you’re feeling really bold) can shack up for the night in an incredible log cabin among the forest.

Panoramic windows provide little shelter from what’s outside, and you can guess what’s lurking. A pack of wolves lives just on the other side of the glass.

While you sip morning coffee or unwind with a glass of wine, they’ll be pawing at the glass. When you wake up in the night, you’ll see their eyes peering in. Run nude from shower to bedroom, and they’ll be silently judging you.

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Really though, the chance to live among a pack of wolves without A. being a societal reject with no language skills who was abandoned as a child, or B. getting eaten, is incredible.

It’s a face to face interaction you just won’t have anywhere else. Go book your night with the wolves! We’ll share if you need a plus one.


Where: 399 Route 323 Nord, Montebello