Obviously, booking a vacation or a getaway right now isn’t a great option. That being said, we love seeing places and adding them to our bucket list for when things (kind of) go back to normal. But, this place has recently reopened and we’re very down to check it out!

You ever watch the Lord of the Rings or The Princess Bride and wish you could dive right into the stories? Well, folks, you sorta can! Good Knights Entertainment in Alberta provides immersive medieval experiences for folks looking to get away, just like yourself.

medieval calgary

The whole concept was born in 2008 from a small annual feast and campout for die-hard fans of the far-gone era. To the surprise of the organizers, the entire concept was actually a hit. Turns out, adults really miss playing pretend.

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Now, years later, they run an all-out medieval encampment, offering a variety of deluxe experiences, where guests can travel back in time, stay in authentic tents, and participate in events, feasts and duels. They also hold weddings, which is wild.

This whole thing takes glamping to another level, and yes before you ask. They do have washrooms. It’s not unhygienically immersive, that would just be silly.

So, add this one to the bucket-list of curious things to do in Alberta!


When: Now open!
Where: Three Hills, AB
Time: See times here
Cost: $324+ / Night