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Calgary just opened a brand new, chic urban winery

Via Curiocity Group

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t actually need to live among grapevines as far as the eye can see to make wine. City and Country, Calgary’s very first urban winery, is turning the industry on its head by mass creating their own reds and whites without immediate access to a private vineyard.

City and Country opened 27 years ago and now operates wineries all across Alberta, where they bring in grapes from other Canadian vineyards. All of their product is vegan, gluten-free and free of sugars, flavours or added colours. We realize drinking it by the bottle doesn’t make us a wine pro, but that sounds like everything but the grapes, doesn’t it?

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These guys do everything their way, right down to how they actually make their wine when they do get their grapes, and we respect that. At City and Country, you won’t find barrels on the wall. Strange, right?

Instead, they actually use a technology called Flexcubes and Oenotanks. This allows them to make wine faster, it’s also the way they’re able to ensure that their product is gluten-free. It’s very fancy stuff, folks.

City and Country have basically thrown tradition to the wind, but it works. It’s practically the perfect girl’s night out or date destination, honestly. We love “different”, especially when it comes in stemware.

Now if you excuse us, it’s wine o’clock somewhere! Ugh, we’re sorry that was in pour taste, we just couldn’t resist.


Where: 544 – 38A Ave SE, Calgary

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