Not counting some absolutely hilarious Twitter beef, the new movie ‘Free Guy’ starring Vancouver sweetheart Ryan Reynolds has been a hit among fans and critics alike. And, less than two months after its theatrical release, it’s arrived on Disney+ in Canada!

The movie’s premise draws heavily on the world of video games. Reynolds plays Guy, a non-playable character (ironic) who exists in a massive, open-world game called Free City. Going about his daily tasks, Guy manages to gain sentience, starting a chain of events that threatens the game (and his own existence).

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It’s a little bit of Grand Theft Auto, a little bit of The Lego Movie, and a whole lot of fun. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that access to the Marvel and Star Wars (through Disney) makes for some great mash-up scenes, and the movie is full of pop-culture references.

And, since it’s now free to watch for Disney+ subscribers, it might just be the perfect pick for your movie night this weekend!