One silver lining of the past few months of quarantining is that we’ve discovered the magic of grocery delivery services. Although there was no point in the pandemic where we weren’t allowed to go to the grocery store for the essentials, sometimes just having them brought to your door is so much easier. Now, everyone’s favourite mega-grocer, Costco, has partnered with Instacart to take the grocery delivery game up a notch.

Yup, the massive wholesaler and North America’s leader in online grocery are working together, y’all. Obviously,  this means we all get access to tons of our favourite products with the convenience of same-day delivery. We’ll say that again- same-day delivery. As in, you order a billion things (like you normally would at Costco) and it shows up two hours later. That’s A+ service right there!

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So the companies have just launched a new members-only website that can be used to take advantage of this great offer which you can check out right here. Once online, members from across the country will have access to 76 of Costco warehouses. Not bad at all.

Finally, you just load up that cart and you’re good to go! Say goodbye to the crowds of Costco and hello the ease and convenience of Costco x Instacart. We know we’ll be shopping here next time we’ve gotta stock up!