We know that you all have patiently been awaiting reopening. With that in mind, Toronto is now officially in Phase 2 meaning you can finally get those long strands of yours cut. But with most salons full from demand, many of you might be wondering how you’ll ever get a trim. Well, don’t worry because Heineken is helping you celebrate Phase 2 with a fresh cut and a fresh pint.

Your new salon is Heineken Fresh Looks, an outdoor salon experience that will give you what you’ve missed most during lockdown, haircuts, and a cold brew on the patio. You’ll be able to enjoy both thanks to partnerships with uber-popular RendezViews patio, and Glassbox Barbershop. What’s best of all is that you can enjoy the unique experience from July 8th to 22nd, giving you plenty of time to check it out.

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We have to say this is a great idea from Heineken and a great way for the company to help support smaller local businesses. You know what, we might just have to head down there ourselves to get a trim. Because it’s definitely been a while.

If you want to snag yourself a cut you can click below. If you end up going be sure to tell us about your experience because you know we always love seeing what you all are up to. With that, enjoy your new freedoms, and please get your vaccine if you haven’t already.

Heineken Fresh Looks

When: July 8 – July 22, 2021 (see website for hours)
Where: RendezViews, 229 Richmond St W, Toronto