If you could be any animal, what would it be? Wait, don’t tell us! It’s a bird, right? Well, we get it and we totally agree! The truth is, being able to fly without having to check through security would be super freaking cool, second best only to ALSO being some species of dinosaur.

To our delight, one Canadian city now offers an experience that will give you wings and a killer view from the sky during the Jurassic era and all you’ve got to do is strap in!

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This week, Telus Spark in Calgary unveiled its first full-body virtual reality experience, Birdly – a dinosaur flight simulator that will take the rider to new heights during a time when the T-Rex was at the top of the food chain.

Using unique visual, aural, and haptic sensations fly a mile under the 2.5 m wings of a Kepodactylus, a pterosaur that ruled the skies over 150 million years ago.

Though the experience itself is only two minutes long, it’s said to be pretty realistic – and is included in your general admission, which is a treat.

Of course, if you’re interested and in the area, we would recommend getting there as early as possible, because it’s only available on a walk-up basis and we have a feeling it’s going to get pretty dang busy.


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To check it out, all you have to do is pay your way in, write your name on their sign-up sheet to reserve a time (up to 2 hours in advance), arrive 10 minutes before your departure time, and enjoy.

Also, don’t be alarmed by the crowd, as fellow guests will actually have a view of a flight cam that shows exactly what the rider is experiencing on the headset so you’ll have a bit of an audience while you soar, but there’s nothing to be nervous about! The sky is no longer the limit!

For more information or to purchase tickets to the Telus Spark Science Centre, you can visit their website here.

Happy flying!


Where: 220 St. George’s Drive NE Calgary, AB
Cost: $26 (included in GA)
Instagram: @Telus_Spark