If walls could talk, what kinds of dark confessions would they reveal? And just how many sinister secrets are there in your very own neighbourhood? Thanks to two brothers in Canada, there’s actually an easy way to find out.

Housecreep is a real estate website that lists “stigmatized properties” located all over the country. It was founded by Robert Bernard Armieri and Albert Armieri in 2013 with the goal of encouraging “disclosure in the real estate industry, and to help home buyers and renters make informed decisions.”

The website lists houses where all sorts of unsavoury events have taken place, from deaths and murders to paranormal activity and drug busts. You can even filter your search based on the type of incident and the year that it took place.

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The website features over 3,200 listings across Canada, the majority of them being in Ontario, B.C., Manitoba and Alberta. There are nearly 1,000 stigmatized properties in Toronto alone, nearly 800 in Calgary, 32 in Edmonton, and 64 in Vancouver and Surrey combined.

Each listing comes with a brief description of what took place within its walls. This Coquitlam home, for example, saw a murder and a house fire on the same day. This Toronto home is apparently where convicted killer Dellen Millard committed his crimes.

This home in Calgary was the scene of a fatal stabbing in 2006, and this Calgary property was supposedly once home to a resident ghost named “Larabee.” Spooky stuff!

Keep in mind that a lot of the information is crowdsourced. The details are corroborated by news articles too, but you may want to take it with a grain of salt. And be prepared, because some of the incidents are disturbing.  Oh, and we apologize in advance if you discover that your childhood home was once haunted.