Looking for an adventure after all these months of boredom? Look no further. An exciting attraction at Blue Mountain is officially reopened for the season and ready to provide you with all the thrills you’ve been seeking. Yes, we’re talking the Ridge Runner. This iconic ride will have you speeding into summertime.

The Ridge Runner at Blue Mountain is one of the hottest attractions this spot’s got. It’s a 1 kilometre coaster track up in the mountains where you get to glide along at your own pace. Go slow and take in all the scenery or zip your way through at up to 42 km/hr. Or come up with a personalized mix of your own. The choice is yours!

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Of course, the ride was barred from operating over the past little while thanks to, you guessed it, COVID-19 regulations. After a long hiatus, it officially reopened, along with much of the province, last Friday. When you attend this summer, you’ll have to follow some pretty standard COVID-19 guidelines like wearing a mask and sanitizing frequently. All the standard stuff!

So, if you’re ready for the thrill of the summer, book your visit to Blue Mountain today! Along with the Ridge Runner Mountain Coaster, there are a ton of other great attractions to keep ya busy while you’re there.


Where: Blue Mountain Resort, 150 Jozo Weider Blvd