Here’s a fun little getaway from the city! Why not visit a self-built castle/art exhibit/all-around creepy place that just north of Toronto. And yes, by “just north of Toronto” we do mean a 3-hour drive. But what else are you doing right now? Besides, we promise that Midlothian Castle is well worth the trek.

Anyway, the Midlothian Castle is a super cool constructed collection by the artist Peter Camani. Now, this guy is kind of a big deal. In fact, he’s got paintings hanging in places like the Vatican and Buckingham Palace, so “kind of a big deal” is kind of an understatement.

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But these works are a little different from his usual stuff. It’s said that the Midlothian Castle is inspired by druids and ancient mythology. And when you take a walk through the area, you’ll be surrounded by obviously creepy but undeniably cool concrete skeleton heads. Some of them are as tall as 20 feet! Which is definitely a memorable sight to see.

Plus, the area even holds a yearly Harvest Festival. It’s a celebration of the arts and culture in the area. And it’s set to take place from September 18th-21st this year. If you’re interested in attending, you can pick up your tickets here.

So next time you’re looking for something to do, pile in the car and head to this cool spot. Seeing these incredible sculptures will definitely be something to remember.


Where981 Midlothian Rd, Burk’s Falls, Ontario