We’re well aware that it’s not autumn yet – but we just can’t wait for the fall season!. In fact, if loving pumpkins and Halloween as much as we do is wrong, well, we just don’t care to be right and heck, we know we’re not the only ones. Other’s who practically live for the season? Jack Skellington, everyone with a well-kept Pinterest board and the folks at Granary Road, who just announced Applefest, a deliciously spiced festival meant to be enjoyed in the cool crisp air!

Next month, toss on a pair of booties and an oversized scarf, then head over to one of Calgary’s favourite fun farms for a pie-heavy day of ooey-gooey goodness, cinnamon and excitement.

From candy apple making to cider demonstrations, jams, fritters and even dog treats, Apple fest will leave you … probably never wanting an Ambrosia ever again, if we’re being honest – but don’t let that scare you out of checking it out!

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Though it will literally be a day of Fuji this, and Granny smith that, the food that they’ll be serving there will be out of this world. 

For example, last year, guests got to sink their teeth into eats like apple crisp perogies, caramelized apple pizza, apple cheese (we’re still not entirely sure what that is), apple ice cream, apple loaves and chicken burgers with apple slices. Yum1

In short, what we’re saying is that it’s going to be hard CORE and hey, maybe you won’t have to see a doctor for a few years – because you know what they say! 

It only takes an apple a day!

Enjoy friends and maybe we’ll see you out there!


When: Saturday, September 11th and 12th 
Where: 226066 112 St W, Foothills County, AB
Instagram: @Granaryroad