We Albertans may not be able to lounge under palm trees or build castles in the sand like our coastal neighbours – but we can get right pitted. Despite what many believe, you don’t actually need to live ocean side to surf, you just need a board, a little core strength and a river! Don’t buy it? Check out The Mountain Wave in Kananaskis.

Located about an hour west of Calgary, this man-made spot was actually created by an organization called Surf Anywhere in 2014 for the Alberta River Surfing Association.

Using a flat river section and a ton of large rocks,  this impressive dam has become extremely popular amongst experienced athletes and onlookers alike.


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Recommended for people who know their way into a wetsuit, Mountain Wave is considered to be one of the more dangerous spots in the province for the sport, but is also one of the best – again, as long as you know what you’re doing.

No matter the time of year, people can be seen on the river as long as the flow is right and it’s not frozen over.

Of course, because many of you may need to work yourselves up to taking on these particular waves – you can also check out 10th street wave (best for beginners) or Santa Claus – an intermediate spot not far from Mountain Wave also on the Kananaskis River – so take that, Tofino.

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We can do everything you can do…. it just might be a tad colder.

For more information on the daily conditions or tips and tricks for surfing safely check out the ARSA website here.

Enjoy yourselves, Alberta!


Where: Kananaskis, AB- Directions here