Manifest a clear sky, budding astronomers, because the year’s most magical cosmo event, the Perseid meteor shower, can be seen lighting the night from coast to coast from now until August 24th, reaching its peak on the 12th.

Though you may not see a whole lot in the coming days as Earth enters the Comet Swift-Tuttle, Perseid will build to be this year’s biggest and best fireworks show, with up to 150 meteors shooting past earth at 140,000 mph every 60 minutes by next month’s mid-point.

These comets will be bright, large, fast, and incredibly impressive – so massage that neck and rub those eyes. You’re going to want to point those peepers north as often as you can over the next few weeks.

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As always, the best place to view the magnificent fireballs will be as far out of the city as you’re comfortable driving, away from light pollution.

Of course, because it is summer and the days are longer, you likely won’t be able to see anything until around 10 pm (in any timezone) so bring snacks and prepare to stay out a later – if you’re really committed.

This one will be well worth the watch, folks – so don’t miss it!


When: Until August 24th – Peak on August 11th
Time: After sunset