Be it movies, commercials, or TV shows, The Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth has been mentioned on-screen almost as many times as it’s been mentioned off the air – and last night was no exception. The beloved neo-western Yellowstone gave the Calgary Stampede a heartwarming shoutout on its most recent episode and fans went wild.

Starring Kevin Costner as a ranch owner, Yellowstone follows the Dutton family as they fight for their large plot of land in modern-day Montana.

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As you can imagine, rodeo talk is common throughout the show, but Alberta fans perked up when character Lloyd Pierce (played by Forrie J. Smith) shared that his favourite rodeo event was held in Calgary, Alberta; adding that for 10 straight days people were nice to him.

He even called the city ‘one pretty SOB,’ the ultimate term of endearment in ranch-speak.

Here’s what viewers had to say about the scene.

Ah, yes. We’re going to wear our Calgary Stampede Yellowstone shoutout like an armour of pride until the next mention comes through – which we can’t imagine will be that far out. After all, people love the event and we love the admiration – so catch us on the edge of our seats! We’re waiting!