We’ll take Worst Case Ontario for $600! Canada’s most populated province made it on Jeopardy! in a big way this past Monday, January 30th.

Ontario got its own category complete with clues that proved to be challenging for the contestants.

The category was called “Worst Case Ontario” which you might recognize from the Canadian sitcom Trailer Park Boys.

Contestants Jake DeArruda and Sam Meehan were the keenest to tackle the category.

“Zombies (and not the slow ones) are making their way from Detroit to this city across the Ambassador Bridge,” was the toughest clue for $1000.

Meehan quickly responded with Windsor, which is the correct answer.

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Photo via Jeopardy

DeArruda then went for the $800 clue, which read,  “the intraprovince rivalry between the national Capitals Ottawa Senators & these provincial capital NHLers comes to a fever of hate.”

DeArruda fumbled his answer and said the Flames, and Meehan jumped in with the right answer, the Toronto Maple Leafs.

Feeling confident, Meehan went for the $600 clue — “King Kong, he’s real, he’s climbing this 1,815-foot structure, his eye filling the window of the revolving restaurant.”

The constant got the correct answer right away — the CN Tower.

The $400 clue read, “this province directly to the west makes a series of nighttime cow-tipping raids, causing general chaos.”

Both DeArruda and Meehan guessed incorrectly, and host Ken Jennings revealed the answer, which is Manitoba.

The final, easiest clue for $200 was, “Worst case? Ill-tempered aquatic creatures emerge from this Great Lake upon which Thunder Bay sits.”

DeArrude guessed the correct answer, which is Lake Superior.

Overall, we’re pretty impressed with how well these contestants knew Ontario. We’re willing to bet that many locals would have been stumped by some of these clues.