Fish are friends, dogs are our best buddies and cats make pretty good acquaintances – when they feel like it. For this reason, local company ‘Pet Friendly House Project’ is looking to improve the way that our furry counterparts live with a new build that is comfortable for both two and four-legged beings.

“We are creating a home that is built for the whole family, not just mom, dad and the kids. After all, pets are family,” Owner David Beart said in a press release.

“Our love of pets inspired us to create a home with many unique pet features along with a high-end home design worthy of gracing the glossiest home magazines.”

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Photo via The Pet Friendly House

Fully furnished with custom dog beds, built-in feeding bowls and an aquarium in the kitchen – this one-of-a-kind project will have everything from doggie dens, kitty hiding spots and pet-friendly fabrics throughout to an astroturf backyard and a mudroom with a shower.

“The Pet Friendly House has a long-term vision of bringing the world’s most pet-friendly house to multiple countries after the original opening in the Calgary area,” they continued.

“Each home will be custom designed to reflect each individual region and will merge each region’s design with a pet and family-centred approach. Culture, climate, local structures and other region-specific features will integrate as home designs achieve a balance of people and pets living in perfect harmony.”

Photo via The Pet Friendly House

Now we realize that some of you are skeptics, and that’s to be expected, but according to the company this project is about so much more than tiny furniture and plastic grass. It’s really about bringing awareness to responsible pet ownership and will also support worthy causes like the Kidney Foundation and Breast Cancer Research – which we can all get behind.

Photo via The Pet Friendly House

If successful, the hope is that they’ll be able to build more homes similar to this one – and honestly, we’re on board. It’s 2022 and people have their own bowling alleys in their basement – if someone wants to build closets, especially for dog leashes and food, we support it.