The world’s largest dinosaur is about to get the world’s largest facelift. The 26 -metre Drumheller t-rex will get a $300,000 makeover for its 20th birthday. Must be nice, all we got was the harsh realities of adulthood.

The 65,770-kilogram female tyrannosaurus rex hasn’t been given much TLC since it’s last paint job in 2013. Now with a little help from a federal grant, the tourist attraction will get a head-to-toe reno.

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This fibreglass and steel lady-saur will take a ton of work but will be done by F & D Scene Changes Ltd., the same company that took on the refurbishment seven years ago. If anyone can do it, it’s probably them.

The project will require an incredible 550-litres of paint and primer, and will (hopefully) be completed before its anniversary this Fall, and we can’t wait. If you’ve never seen her, 10/10 would recommend. Trust us when we say that the view of the badlands is worth all 106 steps through the belly of a beast.

World’s Largest Dinosaur 

Where: 60 – 1st Ave W, Drumheller, Alberta