Canada, U.S. among countries that are now able to travel to Portugal

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Alright, so, it’s our job to tell you this, but it’s your job to really think about it. Portugal has officially reopened their airports so select countries, one of them being Canada, which means you could travel there if you wanted to… but do you really want to?

Despite recommendations by several health experts to hold off on international travel to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus, proposed entry points have been popping up worldwide.

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Earlier this month, Portuguese officials announced that they would be granting access to the United States, Canada, Brazil, and other countries with the Portuguese language.

This has also eased restrictions separating the Schengen Area (24 European countries have abolished border control on their mutual borders) excluding Italy and Spain.

Of course, like several cities in Canada that have entered their first few phases of economical relaunch, Portugal does have safety measures in place. This includes familiar precautions like 50% capacity allowance in restaurants and cafes and limitations of public gatherings.

“Continuing general restraint and containment behaviour, the resumption of economic and social activity will take place in stages, allowing the analysis of the development of the outbreak and the implementation of new measures where necessary.” Said the government in a release regarding their relaunch strategy.

Honestly, we don’t feel near safe enough to fly around the world. We probably wouldn’t recommend our close friends and family to do so either. At the end of the day, it’s up to you do decide it’s worth the risk. Please travel (or don’t) smart, Canada.

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