Art and Washington used to be something fairly synonymous. After all, Seattle was the birthplace of grunge bands like Nirvana and Soundgarden as well as a home to artists like Dale Chihuly and George Tsutakawa. These days, the fine arts aren’t exactly what we’re known for but our state’s Walla Walla Foundry is changing that.

Walla Walla Foundry was “established in 1980 by Mark and Patty Anderson with the sole purpose of facilitating the creation of contemporary art through bronze casting and fabrication.”

As its name suggests, it’s located in the city of Walla Walla which isn’t exactly a place you’d expect major international works of art to be created. But that’s exactly what’s happening under the foundry roof which provides artists with access to cutting-edge technologies and 100 talented technicians and artisans.

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So just who has created works here? Some names that you may recognize include Yayoi Kusama, Matthew Barney, Deborah Butterfield, and Jordan Wolfson. These artists are among many who have seen their creative projects come to fruition right here in Washington state. Not only that but there are sure to be many more amazing works to come.

You can see a full catalog of previous projects on the Walla Walla Foundry website. Next time you’re looking at a bronze work by your favorite notable artist, remember that you might just be looking at a piece made right here in Washington.