Our cities are getting global recognition. In the new World’s Best Cities report for 2024 by Resonance Consultancy, several of our urban centres here in the north claimed top spots.

Resonance Consultancy is building “the most comprehensive global and regional city rankings on the planet,” and diving deep into the stats to find out which cities are outperforming the rest.

As it turns out, Canada is home to several of those urban hot spots.

Over 270 global cities with populations over 1 million were analyzed in the report in order to determine the top 100.

The methodology included a  “combination of core statistics and qualitative evaluations and recommendations by locals and visitors in digital channels such as Tripadvisor, Google, Facebook and Instagram,” said the report.

The cities were then given scores in six separate categories — Place, Promotion, Product, Programming, People, and Prosperity — to determine their overall Place Power Score.

The Canadian city with the highest score is Toronto, landing in 23rd place out of 100 cities.

Among Toronto’s highlights are its post-secondary schools and the Global 500 companies that operate there.

“Economic growth, fueled by immigration and global investment, has Canada’s largest city poised for big things,” says the report.

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Next on the list is Vancouver in 50th place, namely for its world-class outdoor attractions and multicultural sophistication.

In 60th place is “North America’s most European” city of Montreal, which received high scores for its cultural offerings.

Squeaking in at 90th place is Ottawa, which is quickly gaining worldwide recognition for its brainpower, ranking 6th in the world in the Educational Attainment subcategory.

Finally in 93rd place is Calgary, an innovative city that has earned its reputation as Canada’s energy capital.

Not only does Calgary have one of the youngest populations in Canada, but also the largest population of Americans per capita “and is increasingly the destination of choice for immigrants,” the report says.

It also ranked 31st globally in the GDP per Capita subcategory, which is by far the highest in Canada.

The World’s Best Cities report has definitely succeeded at reminding us how lucky we are to reside in these thriving urban hot spots.