Working day in and day out from an office job can be daunting. And for many across the globe, that seems to be the case. There are only a few places on a global scale that have managed to maintain a healthy work-life balance and according to this list, Canada happens to be one of them. Our beloved country is one of the top 10 in the world for work life balance and here’s what to know.

In a study by global HR platform Remote, they reviewed the 60 highest GDP nations across the world to see which ones have the best work-life balance.

Though we know it as “work-life” balance, Remote decided to swap the terms around to “life-work” balance because their belief is that “the attitude should be life first, work second.” And it looks like they’re on to something.

These countries recieved an overall ranking and an index score out of 100 based on eight factors. These include statutory annual leave, min sick pay percentage, pair maternity leave and payment rate, min wage, healthcare system, happiness index, ave hours worked per week and LGBTQ+ inclusivity.

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At the top of the list lands New Zealand with an index score of 79.35, followed by Spain with 75.55 and France with 75.34.

As for where Canada stands, it came in ninth place with an index score of 67.91.

“The world’s second-largest country by land area, Canada boasts some of the globe’s most stunning scenery alongside a diverse culture and robust economy. Unlike its neighbors in the United States, the Canadian government offers a universal healthcare package, while Canada is also seen as the most LGBTQ+-friendly country in which to live and work,” states Remote.

“Canada is the most LGBTQ+-friendly nation, scoring highly in relation to LGBTQ+ rights, laws, and freedoms, as well as public attitudes towards the LGBTQ+ community.”

And Toronto even got a shout out for being the number one international destination for working professionals “due to its high quality of life, safety, and the multitude of leisure opportunities.”

Considering half of Toronto’s population is made up of non-Canadians, it is a welcoming spot for those visiting from outside of Canada, according to the platform.

So there you have it, maybe Canada isn’t that bad when it comes to balancing a healthy life and career – at least compared to other countries.