The Great North isn’t widely known for its sun or sand, but that doesn’t mean Canada doesn’t have a beach worth raving about.

In fact, from coast to coast there are actually several with beautiful shorelines, stunning views and bright blue water where you and yours can lounge in the warmer months.

Not sure where to get your summer’s dose of vitamin D? Lonely Planet has shared its list of the 10 best beaches in the country and you’ll want to visit them all.

Whether your heart desires a quiet day away from the crowds, an afternoon of surfing or kayaking, or somewhere that you’ll whole family will love, the publication has included a little something for everyone.

“In Canada, a visit to the beach doesn’t just mean ice cream, basking in the sun and a bracing dip in the ocean,” they explain.

“If you’re lucky, it might also include a bear encounter, a windswept walk amid driftwood and a chance to lob a snowball rather than a pebble into the surf.”

Want to know who made the cut?

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In British Columbia, three destinations were named for very different reasons, but San Josef Bay snagged first place.

Revered for its “wilderness” this stunning spot has a “reputation for tempestuous weather and tricky access,” but is beautiful nonetheless.

“Northern Vancouver Island in British Columbia excels in wild, lonesome beaches. The 1.6-mile (2.5km) trail to San Josef Bay starts at the end of a 43-mile (70km) unpaved logging road from Port Hardy,” they write.

“When the forest finally parts, you’ll be delivered onto a windswept expanse of crashing surf and forested sea stacks where bushes and trees have been contorted by fierce Pacific storms.”

Second to San Josef? The list saw Stanhope Beach in Prince Edward Island followed by Wasaga Beach in Ontario – the “best spot for swimming.”

As for the rest of ’em – here’s who also made up their breakdown of best beaches in Canada: 

  1. San Josef Bay, British Columbia  – Best beach for wilderness
  2. Stanhope Beach, Prince Edward Island – Best beach for avoiding the crowds
  3. Wasaga Beach, Ontario – Best beach for swimming
  4. Chesterman Beach, British Columbia – Best beach for surfing
  5. Kitsilano, British Columbia – Best urban beach
  6. Shallow Bay, Newfoundland and Labrador – Best beach for kayaking
  7. Annette Lake, Alberta – Best beach for wildlife
  8. Plage de la Grande Échouerie, Québec – Best beach for kitesurfing
  9. Dunes Beach, Ontario – Best beach for dunes
  10. Parlee Beach, New Brunswick – Best beach for families

Do you think they nailed this list? Let us know and enjoy! It won’t be long until you’re able to lounge on a beach here in Canada once more!