Aren’t we all dreaming of a white Christmas? Well, a white Christmas is a rarity in Seattle these days but, for the sake of the holiday spirit, never say never. Especially because The Farmers Almanac has a hopeful outlook for the Puget Sound area this year.

The Almanac’s long-range weather forecast for Seattle predicts “Rainy periods, occasional wet snow; cold” between December 21st-28th. Further, the predicted temperature is about 44° degrees which means it’s a bit too warm for snow. But with about two and a half weeks until Christmas, there’s plenty of time for the weather to change.

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christmas weather seattle
Photo via Framers Almanac

After all, Washington is kind of known for its wild and unpredictable weather. Not only that but NOAA’s Climate Normals (which use the last 3 decades of weather data) still predict at least an inch of snow on the ground on Christmas day. But keep in mind, that prediction sits at 10-25% for the Puget Sound Area.

In the end, it looks like chances are pretty slim but once again, all of this is subject to change and we’ve all seen Washington’s weather change on a dime. And if you really need some snow this Christmas, all you have to do is head a little bit east, the mountains and communities past the mountains are pretty much guaranteed to have snow according to the same reports listed above. So there is hope for snow. With that, Happy Holidays!