Unless you’ve been living under a rock you’re probably well aware that Washington has been slammed with unprecedented weather patterns. The state has seen record-breaking rains, flooding, and just downright bizarre weather. Of course, Washingtonians have taken a sec to record some of this so let’s take a look at just what people across the state have seen so far.

Here are the craziest pictures from Washington’s big storm.

To start let’s look at some data. Clearly, cities across the state were getting hit with some serious wind.

How did that play out you ask? Well, take a look at what happened in Marysville.

Further north, things weren’t much better. The wind actually tipped over a truck on the Deception Pass bridge which is absolutely terrifying.

Need a closer look? Here ya go.

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Nearby in Bellingham, folks were getting a very wet walk at Whatcom Creek.

If you thought the flooding creek was crazy just look at what Bellingham residents had to contend with.

It’s pretty much on par with nearby Sumas.

How did all this look in Seattle? Straight up ominous.

We’ll keep our fingers crossed for calmer weather this week and period. Large portions of Washingtonians are still without power and if you’d like to see the extent you can click here. Stay safe out there and let’s all hope for a drier end to the month.