We won’t lie to you, folks. When we first heard the news that Whistler Blackcomb was dropping their prices, we couldn’t believe it. But nope, it’s true- the iconic resort is doing a price reset, dropping 20% from both their season passes and EDGE Cards. Here’s a quick rundown.

From our view, it was a tough year for the resort. Not only was international travel a non-starter, but BC residents were also advised against interregional travel, and travel to Whistler to ski in particular. However, this isn’t just happening at Whistler- all of the North America Vail Resorts are participating in the price drop.

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Let’s talk numbers for a second. The general season pass is now $1119 CAD, down from $1399. But, the Epic Pass, which provides the same thing plus free days at RCR resorts (Kimberly, Fernie, Nakiska…), is at $783 USD. That’s actually cheaper than just a Whistler season pass, so heads up there.

The discount also applies to EDGE Cards, with the standard 5-day option down from $499 to $399. So basically, we’re looking at deep savings across the board here, folks. If you’re confident that skiing at Whistler will be back on the menu by winter, we definitely recommend checking these deals out.

And you can do so on the Whistler Blackcomb website.