If you want to know where to see northern lights in Canada, look no further than Churchill, Manitoba. Residents of this town are treated to nature’s light show 300 days a year.

According to Manitoba’s tourism website, Churchill has over 300 nights of aurora activity throughout the year, on average.

Churchill is located at the heart of the Auroral Oval, which means that it is ideally situated for northern lights viewing.

The KP Index, which is a global auroral activity indicator that ranges from 0 to 9, only has to be at a 1 for the lights to be visible in Churchill.

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Although you can catch a glimpse of them during all seasons, the northern lights are the most vibrant in the wintertime, specifically in February and March.

That’s because the skies are darkest and clearest during this time of year.

However, there are some other criteria that must be met in order to get a good view of the lights.

The sky must be absent of light sources, such as the moon, for the lights to glow brightly.

If you have to see this spectacular sight in person, Churchill has some amazing tours and accommodations with a front-row view of the show.

Frontiers North Adventures has a Northern Lights and Winter Nights package, where you can see the lights from a very cozy spot in the Thanadelthur Lounge.

You’ll even get to enjoy a meal at a pop-up Tundra Buggy dining hall hidden in the wilderness, with world-class cuisine prepared by Canadian Chef Jared Fossen.

You can also book a trip with Natural Habitat Adventures, where you can view the lights from a cozy Aurora Pod with 360-degree views of the sky.

This incredible adventure belongs at the top of your bucket list! Now that you know where to see northern lights in Canada, it’s time to start dreaming up your next getaway.