Just before the year ends, Canada has been named in one more ranking. And this time, it’s all about that tasty, tasty cuisine we’re known for. Over 90 countries and their delicious cuisines, Canada barely made the cut.

And we mean barely…

The TasteAtlas Awards 2022 results are out, and in its World’s Best Cuisines category, it looked at 95 countries, their delicious cuisines and ranked them.

According to the list, the best cuisines in the world include Italian, Greek, and Spanish cuisine, in that order – which is probably not much of a surprise for us. Other cuisines that made the list include Japanese, Indian, Mexican, and Turkish.

American cuisine even made the top 10 best cuisines in the world. But what about Canada?! Where is Canada?!

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Well… we made the ranking and according to the awards, we came in 92nd place. Yes, that’s right. We were recognized for our poutines, Montreal smoked meat and bagels, Beaver Tails, and more.

We recieved a rating of 3.79 stars.

best cuisine world
Photo via TasteAtlas Awards 2022

Not to get full of ourselves but Canada usually ranks high, especially when it comes to the outdoors, for its cities and even passport! But if we’re being real, you can’t doubt the power of European cuisine… so we get it.

Maybe next year, Canada. Maybe.