Were you planning some camping or hiking trips in Eastern Washington? Well, unfortunately, it is fire season and said fires are very much so happening. For that reason, public lands in eastern Washington are closing this Friday due to wildfire danger. Here’s what to know.

In case you didn’t know, the PNW is having quite the year. Right now we’re experiencing a heated wildfire season (literally) as well as a historic drought throughout the PNW. So in order to keep both state residents and public lands safe, the DNR has decided to temporarily close all public lands in Eastern Washington.

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Now that’s not all, The Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife has also decided to close all wildlife areas in Eastern Washington for overnight use and yes that includes water access areas. Again all of this goes into effect Friday, July 30th, and right now there is no mention of when the closure will lift. While we know this might be frustrating for those of you that are avid outdoor lovers, this is once again for your own safety. And there are still plenty of amazing places that you can hike and explore in the state.

For now, you’re going to want to keep things over to the west side of the state. That means you can explore areas like North Bend, Bellingham, The southwest parts of the Columbia River, and of course Olympic National Park and Mount Rainier. So don’t fret folks, summer outdoor season is still happening.

If you’d like to learn more you can click here. And we know you know the saying but only you can prevent wildfires. That means no fires and if you smoke don’t throw the butts out of your car window. We’ll leave you with that and enjoy the trails, please be safe and always check trail conditions before you head out.