Well folks, after threatening to do it for like a week, it looks like Mother Nature has finally brought the rain to Alberta. Environment Canada has just released a slew of weather warnings all around Alberta, with serious rainfall on the way. Here’s a quick update.

The weather warnings really only affect southern Alberta, but boy, it’s a pretty wide spread. Calgary, Kananaskis Country, Red Deer, and Okotoks areas have all received the warning. Some areas are going to be more affected than others- Banff National Park is expected to receive up to 75mm of rain, while Rocky Mountain House could see up to 150mm.

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If Calgary sees the projected high rainfall of 125mm, that will equate to more than a month’s worth of rain in just a couple of days. According to the Weather and Climate website, the city only receives, on average, just over 80mm in June.

Even with rain in the forecast, it’s looking like Edmonton (and everywhere north/east of it) will avoid the serious weather events coming elsewhere in the province. Even still, we definitely think those looking for a little mid-week getaway to the mountains might want to rethink their plans.

For more information on the weather warnings around Alberta right now, head to the Environment Canada website. Stay safe and stay dry this week, folks!