We live in a beautiful country with a ton of perks and opportunities – but not all provinces are equal! Everything from nature to affordable housing can make a huge difference in how people live and excel – but who considers themselves the luckiest? In a new survey administered by Statistics Canada, provinces with the most satisfied residents were revealed. Here’s who came out on top!

With an astonishing score of 59.7%, Newfound Land has been rated the happiest location in the country, though we can’t say we’re surprised.

Surrounded by the ocean and wide-open fields, the eastern province is incredibly peaceful and truly one of a kind!

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What’s even more important though, is that people who were surveyed reported feeling a sense of meaning, purpose, and community, and have a bright future outlook.

Taking into account everything mentioned above to determine who placed where, Prince Edward Island came in 2nd with 59.7%, followed by Quebec with a 58.7%

Live more central? Here is the entire list and their satisfaction rankings as per the study:

  1. Newfound Land – 59.7%
  2. Prince Edward Island – 59.7%
  3. Quebec – 58.7%
  4. New Brunswick – 56.8%
  5. Manitoba – 56.1%
  6. Alberta – 52.2%
  7. Saskatchewan – 51.2%
  8. Nova Scotia – 49.9%
  9. Ontario – 48.4%
  10. British Columbia – 46.5%


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Other interesting takeaways?

Well, as it turns out men are typically happier than women, with an average of 55.99 reportedly satisfied with their lives – as opposed to only 52.3% of women in all 10 provinces – interesting, right?

To see the survey’s findings for yourselves or to read more about their methodology, you can view the entire Stats Canada study on the most satisfied provinces on their website.

Would you say that you’re happy in your province? Let us know why or why not on our socials!