Vancouver has been on the receiving end of some extreme weather over the past month – from intense snowfall to freezing rain. What can we expect as we head into February? Let’s take a look.

According to Environment and Climate Change Canada (ECCC), Mother Nature will continue to keep us on our toes – so keep your rain gear close and your layers even closer.

In an interview with Curiocity, BC meteorologist Lisa Erven with Environment and Climate Change Canada shares that the start of the month will bring a mix of rain and shine – starting with a rainy January sendoff.

“The forecast for Wednesday, January 31st shows heavy rainfall on the south coast, and that is because of the final storm in a series of BC storms we’ve had in the last week.”

This is echoed by The Weather Network (TWN)’s newest report, which details possible flooding, landslide, and avalanche risks.

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As for the remainder of the week, Erven shares that there are expected showers forecasted for the south coast on Thursday and Friday, with temperatures “slowly returning to seasonal” by Saturday, February 3rd.

On average, the temperature in Vancouver this time of year can range anywhere from 3°C (low) to 9°C (high), according to The Weather Network.

“Once we hit seasonal temperatures this weekend, it looks like they will remain seasonal (or slightly below) until February 10th and 11th,” said Erven.

Beyond that, the ECCC meteorologist explains that there’s not a lot of agreement among the long-range forecast models.

“Some indicate that we’ll head towards a warming trend for southern BC, while other models say the exact opposite.”

Next week’s weather forecast

As for next week, Erven says that southern BC will receive little to no precipitation, following a dryer pattern in the days to come.

“We have periods of rain and higher-than-normal temperatures for Thursday and Friday, followed by dryer-than-normal conditions leading up to early next week,” she said.

“Towards the end of next week, temperatures will either be seasonal or slightly below, and precipitation will return.”

bc weather forecast february 2024
Photo via the ECCC

According to the weekly forecast, residents can expect temperature highs to range from 7°C to 8°C during the day, and just above freezing at night.

So there you have it, Vancouver! Stay tuned for more info as it comes, including the official forecast for mid to late February.

Here’s to sunnier days around the corner!