And just like that, it is winter in Calgary. While it is not even November yet, the city’s first snowfall of the season is expected today and tonight, whether you are ready or not.

According to Environment Canada, we can expect up to 15 cm by tonight.

“Snow, heavy at times, is expected today and tonight with total amounts of 10 to 15 cm,” states a Snowfall Warning by Environment Canada.

“Snowfall amounts may vary significantly as some of the snow will melt on contact with the warm ground. Snow will end tonight over central regions tonight and on Tuesday for southern regions. Visibility may be suddenly reduced at times in heavy snow.”

While there is a risk of freezing drizzle this morning, we can expect about 2 to 4 cm of snow throughout the day. Another 5 to 10 cm is expected tonight, and the wind chill will be -9°C.

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“Snowfall will be light for Alberta until Monday afternoon and evening, where the heaviest rates are expected,” states The Weather Network. “This will call for a slower commute on Monday. Conditions should improve a bit on Tuesday morning, but light snow will still be falling from the sky.”

While it may feel like a lot of snow for this month, this isn’t close to Calgary’s snowiest October on record, as per the Weather Network, “that record stretches back to just five years ago in 2018 when nearly 50 cm of snowfall fell throughout the month, more than 400 per cent of normal.”

Following Tuesday’s snowfall, there is some sunshine, and cloudy days for the rest of the week, with the temperature rising to 5°C by Sunday, according to the Environment Canada long range forecast.

“It’s not impossible that temperatures above 0 will come back, but generally in late October, early November we do see that shift into more of wintery-type weather,” Rob Griffith the lead meteorologist with Environment and Climate Change Canada told Curiocity last week.

“[In Calgary] we’re going from mild, high teens, 20-degree temperatures to near-freezing temperatures, people are going to have to adjust their driving and their wardrobe.”

Yes we will. And now bring on the shovels.