Do you know what’s crazy? Planes pulling off aerobatic stunts at crazy speeds. Do you know what’s crazier? Today, we got the chance to be inside of a plane pulling off aerobatic stunts pulled off at crazy speeds. Scary? Sure. The thrill of a lifetime? You bet. Not only that, but we got the unique opportunity to fly along with Brent Handy, a Canadian air show and aerobatic pilot, in a Pitts Special aircraft.

The airplane itself is a light aerobatic biplane first designed in 1944 and will be one of the main events at this weekend’s Wings Over Springbank Airshow happening Saturday and Sunday out near the Springbank Airport.


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When he’s not performing at airshows across North America, Brent is a full-time training and standards pilot with the Royal Canadian Air Force, responsible for the legendary Snowbirds. We knew we were in good hands with Brent but couldn’t help but feel a little apprehensive jumping into a tiny plane built for two. But hey, what better way to start a Friday morning than with a little G-force in your coffee?

So, what did we experience? Cuban 8’s, hammerhead dives, and barrel rolls. AKA topsy-turvy stuff of the highest order. We did it all while taking in the beautiful views of the Canadian Rockies and trying to keep our breakfast down.

After a smooth landing, we emerged from the Pitts Special unscathed, puke-free, and as grateful for the experience as we were to be on solid ground again.

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wings over springbank airshow

But while the Canadian Forces Snowbirds are obviously a highlight of the show, another favorite of Sarah Van Gilst, Chairman and Event Producer, is the CF18 fighter jet which sweeps down amazingly close to the crowd.

Take it from us that you absolutely do not want to miss out on the Wings Over Springbank Airshow this weekend. Happening only once every two years, it’s truly an incredible experience for airplane enthusiasts and newbies alike. Check out our article here for a full rundown on what to expect.

With great weather forecasted, 15 food trucks, a beer tent for the adults, a Kid’s Fun Zone for the little ones, ground exhibits, and sky-high entertainment that can’t be found anywhere else, the Wings Over Springbank Airshow is a must-see event. Plus, the show won’t be back till 2021, so you might as well treat yourself to some tickets right now. Enjoy!


When: Saturday, July 27 & Sunday, July 28; Gates open 10 am both days
Where: Springbank Airport, Rocky View No. 44
Tickets: $20 – $150