From unique buildings like the Saddledome to its one-of-a-kind crowd, Calgary is not the easiest place to describe, but it’s fun to watch both travellers and locals try. Everyone has their own account and really, the only way that you’d ever get an unbiased take is if you’d have to ask someone incapable of having an opinion and that’s not possible – is it?

Turns out, as long as your phone is charged, there is!

Reddit users have recently discovered an app that prompts Artificial intelligence to create ‘paintings’ using VQGAN+CLIP architecture. The Reddit results of Calgary and Edmonton were interesting, to say the least, so we decided to try to render our own photos of Calgary in hopes of gauging what the collective internet thinks of our city – and it was everything we thought it might be.

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Calgary art
Photo Via Wombo.Art App

Though none of the photos mirrored our iconic skyline exactly, elements of the city we know and love are definitely there.

After prompting the app several times, it turns out that the most prominent feature – the one that re-occurred in the series of photos most, is our snowy climate and many parks with a view.

Calgary art
Photo Via Wombo.Art App

Other commonalities? Tall buildings and mountains. Surprisingly though, the Bow or the Calgary Tower was not to be seen – but hey, maybe you’ll get something different.

If you’d like to try it yourself, you can view the website here, otherwise, enjoy those up above. Ah, the internet can be a pretty cool place sometimes.