Everyone needs a little pampering during winter. It’s cold, the days are short and it can be a bit lonely. So why not treat yourself a bit? Between eats, relaxing, pampering and simply getting outside we have a few ideas for you. Here are 10 easy ways to treat yourself in Seattle this winter.

Relax with a spa day


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The most classic way to treat yourself? Head to the spa of course. Seattle and the surrounding area has all sorts of spas whether you’re looking for specific services or treatment packages, they have you covered. We also went ahead and made a list of a bunch of them so you don’t have to do the hard work of searching.

Buy yourself flowers

Everyone can benefit from flowers. They’re beautiful, they smell nice and they can transform a space. While they’re a great gift to give to others, they’re also a great gift to give to yourself. If you don’t know where to go we created a whole list of some of the city’s best florists.

Watch the sunset


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Sometimes we don’t have the time or ability to spend a whole day pampering ourselves. That being said, there are still small and easy things you can do to treat yourself. One of the best is watching the sunset, you probably don’t have to leave home but if you want to make it a little more scenic we have a whole list of local spots that you can visit.

Take yourself to the movies

Netflix is fun and all but sometimes going out to the movies is what you need. If you’re a fan of seeing things that aren’t your everyday box office flicks, SIFF is a great choice. You can see movies from the US and across the globe that you won’t be able see at your regular theatre. They also have festivals, events and live talks.

Grab a new book


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There’s no better form of healthy escapism than a good book. After all, a good writer can transport you to a whole other world and that’s a treat and a half in our books. That being said, you happen to be in a great city for bookstores and we’ve made a list of our favorites.

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Enjoy your favorite caffeinated beverage


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It’s Seattle, who here doesn’t drink coffee? We know, we know not everyone loves coffee but if you do, we’re sure you have your drink of choice. Why not check out a new coffee shop and see how they make your order? After all, we went ahead and made a list of all of our favorite spots.

Tea Noir at The Fairmont Olympic Hotel

Tea Noir is a new experience from Fairmont Olympic Hotel and a part of a new collection of boundary pushing experiences being offered at Fairmont properties around the country. Attendees can expect a “glamorous evening soirée featuring a playfully dark twist on high tea.” Your experience includes “uniquely crafted tea-infused cocktails” like the The Parlor Earl Grey Gin Martini, featuring Creamy Earl Grey Loose Leaf.

When: Until March 31st
Where: 411 University St
Cost: $70 USD per person

Book a stay out of the city


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While heading to a tropical destination might be ideal, there are plenty of stunning places that you can check out within our state. Throughout our time of Airbnb scrolling we’ve made quite a few lists of different sorts of places you can book from places with hot tubs and saunas, romantic spots, and on the islands. You might as well also check out your Airbnbs surrounding parks.

Rent a hot tub boat


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Seattle’s Lake Union has two different hot tub boat rental companies. You can’t go wrong with either and they both have their own unique offerings. Both boat companies give you the chance to pilot your own hot tub boat on the water by the hour with your friends. Costs and offerings differ company to company so be sure to check them both out.

Take a ski day


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As adults we don’t get those beloved snow days anymore but you can always take a ski day. Washington has tons of great ski hills and mountains waiting for you to enjoy them. If you’re hitting the slopes after work you can even enjoy the largest night skiing area in the US right here in Washington!

Happy winter, Seattle!